What Types of Social Work Jobs Are Available?

Social work is a broad term encompassing a large number of avenues. Social work literally translates to work for the society, and indeed all dedicated social workers are engaged in working for the society. Social work basically means helping other people to cope with the various problems that life throws up. Helping other people to solve their problems is what constitutes the essence of social work. Social work is basically a voluntary service.In the present day, social work has acquired a wider significance. There are a number of problems ailing the world at large. Poverty, pollution, environmental degradation, malnutrition, famines, droughts, climate change, natural calamities, rehabilitation, urban crunch- social work is a solution for all of these problems. Social work provides a way of alleviating all these problems. Social work is thus an umbrella term encompassing quite a number of different avenues.

A number of people as dutiful citizens of the country are interested in social work. But can social work be thought of as a career option? In the present day, the answer to this question would be a resounding YES. Yes social work is increasingly being thought of as a career option because of the unlimited opportunities that are available. It is quite easy for one to serve humanity and make a career out of it. It is a rare case of really enjoying what one does, and getting paid for work that one loves doing. Social work is ushering in social changes and attitude changes among the youth. So who can be a social worker? More importantly, who can be employed as a social worker? What types of social work jobs are available? How does one go about it? These are the standard questions that can pop up when one is contemplating taking up social work as a profession. One might wonder whether certain qualifications are required to be a social worker. Most people engaged in social work possess a Bachelor’s Degree, while some may possess a Master’s Degree as well. Before starting out, one must ensure that it is the right choice of career. Social work is not for the weak hearted, so only people with a strong resolve and who are not overtly upset by disturbing images may become social workers. So what are the types of social work jobs that are available? Well there are numerous such jobs available. But most social work jobs are focused on a definite area of work. So before starting out one must ensure that one in absolutely certain about the specific area of work that one is going to do. One can be a child and family social worker. In this case one would work for one’s country assisting children and families in need of help. A child and family social worker is concerned with things like providing welfare, making sure that members of a family get education and jobs. One could also be a medical and health social worker. In social work there is no such thing as a fixed working time. One has to be continually free for emergencies that may crop up out of nowhere.

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