The Responsibilities of Staff Nurses

A Staff Nurse is also known as a Registered General Nurse, or a Registered Mental Nurse – depending on the kind of profession. Their responsibilities in this discipline are quite wide – the Registered General Nurses (RGN) are Staff Nurses who have passed the assigned board exam for nurses, and can work without specialization. Registered Mental Nurses (RMN) on the other hand – are Staff Nurses who are assigned to the mental health and psychiatric fields. They have the option of working in community clinics or community health.They will also be able to work in private homes, as well as in different specialisations and settings. Staff Nurses can work in hospitals especially. A Staff Nurse has many fields to choose from. For instance, in a Hospital, a Staff Nurse can be working in the In-Patient Unit, or in the Out-Patient Unit, or even in the Intensive Care Unit, or the Recovery Room or Surgery Room, or perhaps even the Emergency Room. Their responsibilities differ according to the specialization.

A Staff Nurse’s main responsibility is to give nursing care and service to anyone who requires it. They need to monitor the well being of the patient, check their vital signs, and give proper treatment to those who require long-term treatment. A Staff Nurse’s responsibility is also to explain the nature and importance of the treatment, to both the patient and the patient’s family. Therefore, it is very important for the Staff Nurse to give the patients the right treatment, this helps to ensure speedy and effective recovery.

A Staff Nurse should also have the knowledge and expertise to be able to administer proper medical care to the patients. Especially the RGN should be specialized to be knowledgeable and therefore be able to do their job correctly, avoiding any messy mistakes.

Staff Nurses usually work as a group, these groups are responsible for the planning any kind of implementation of policies regarding nursing care. They must evaluate on-going practice and implement change like improving the nursing care provided in clinics and hospitals. There are Senior Staff Nurses, who lead these teams; they also supervise the eligibility and performance of the team and each individual Staff Nurse.

The medical history and background of a patient should be known by the Staff Nurse, before giving treatment. The conditions and symptoms of the patient should be studied, and recorded according to findings and observations. Then the Staff Nurse is responsible for reporting these to the Senior Staff. All the paperwork and assigned reports must be duly and efficiently completed and returned. This makes the mechanics of the hospital/clinic work much more smoothly and without any kinks.

There are a lot of responsibilities that Staff Nurses have, many people go after this profession because of the benefits and high salary involved. The profession calls for dedication and responsibility, and once a Staff Nurse is able to complete all the jobs and responsibilities satisfactorily, it is very easy to keep going well.

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