Questions to Ask the Family in an Interview

When are being interviewed with a family, remember that you are also deciding whether it will be a good fit for you. Ask plenty of questions so that both sides are completely clear on the responsibilities and expectations of the job. Have an in depth conversation with your potential employer and flesh out the details of the job.

Interviewing Your Potential Family Employer
It is highly recommended that you meet the family in person so that you get a better idea of your responsibilities and also for the family to gain a better perspective on you.

Questions about the Senior

What is the extent of the disability?
Do they have any cognition/dementia problems?
Does he have any allergies?
How has he responded to caregivers in the past?
Does he prefer to be alone or does he prefer company?
Does he have any specific medical needs?
What medication is he on?
Does he have any hobbies/pastimes?
At what point should I contact someone if an issue arises?
Does he have any unusual tendencies?

Questions about responsibilities

What are your daily primary care responsibilities?
What is a typical day like?
Will I be the primary caregiver?
Do you expect me to do household activities?
Will you require bowel care, trach care, or vent care?
Will you be required to do physical therapy?
What resources are available in the case of an emergency?

It’s a good idea to have he family walk you through a typical day for you and the senior, so that you can get a glimpse of what to expect. What time will you arrive? What are the most important responsibilities?
Make sure the family knows exactly what you will and will not do. Outline your services before hand on a piece of paper so that both sides are clear. Make sure the family knows what you are trained to do. Be upfront about how much you expect to be paid.

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