On Death and Dying – Three Signs That Your Loved One is Approaching the Final Months of Life

Death and the approach of death is a tough reality that all of us find hard to cope with. Death can come to a person without a moment’s notice, or it can come slowly and painfully. But in whatever way death comes to a person, death is the ultimate reality that each and every one has to face. We are after all created of organic matter and we must return to nature after our death and become one with the organic matter that we were created out of. Death is the eventual reality, it will come when it will come, and there it no way to prevent it. We can try our hardest to postpone our death by medical miracle cures or leading sedentary lifestyles but there is no way to actually stop death from occurring. A person who believes in healthy living and healthy eating may die in a road accident. A person’s death is hard to cope with. Friends and relatives find hardest to cope with a person’s death. Approaching death is even harder to cope with. For a person who dies can never be restored back to life but a person who is suffering from a terminal illness or approaching death can be helped with the best of medical treatment that is available. Death is an inevitable reality but near and dear ones find it very hard to cope with the loss of a loved one. Thus when one knows that one’s close friend or relative is terminally ill or has a specific time to live one cannot help but be guided by emotions. Overwhelming emotions can course through a person in such a scenario. Denial is an important part of coming to terms with the approaching death of a loved one. One’s mind refuses to believe that a person so close to him or her could pass away, and it becomes very hard to come to terms with the approaching loss of a loved one. This thought process has certain beneficial aspects. The person who refuses to believe that his or her loved one could pass away rejects negativism and embraces positivism in the hope that some thing could still be done to change the final verdict.

There are a number of reasons why coming to terms with the approaching death of a loved one is so hard. For one thing, most of us have never witnessed death up close, so the approaching reality of the death of a loved one is an unbearable reality for most people. Secondly, it becomes extremely hard for us to make some meaning of the physical changes that we see in our loved ones on account of their approaching death. Thirdly and most importantly, since we are in denial of their death, the very thought of a loved one dying gives us a sense of deep betrayal and this continually haunts us every time we think about their death. For these reasons coping with the approaching death of a loved one is so hard.

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