How Much to Pay Home Health Aides

For many families seeking quality home health aid, the only option is to hire independent caregivers at a price that they set themselves. Home health agencies are most often not an option because of the price and limitations on what their caregivers can do.

Depending on the type of care that a hired personal care attendant is expected to give, you can expect to pay about $13-20 an hour for live-in home health care. There are programs such as IHSS, which is the state/county program for Medicaid recipients that pay $8.75 to employ independent caregivers. You must also factor in the type of care they provide whether it includes bowel care, trach care, med care, and so on. Talk to previous employers and other people who are already using the services of home health aides.

Another thing to consider is the number of hours the caregiver is expected to work, the timing, whether the caregiver is expected to be on call or live-in. It is up to you whether, you want to reward your caregiver on merit. It is a wise idea to discuss the salary range of the home health aides. You can start out by asking how much they charge for care and negotiate accordingly.

Another strategy is to do a trial period, of about 2 weeks and raising the salary according to whether the caregiver performed to your expectations. It is very important to work out a pay schedule and work out the type of payment. Nursing students may prefer being paid in cash whereas a more experienced older caregiver may prefer being written a check. Have a contract in writing that is more comprehensive than a standard independent contracting contract. Have the payment schedules and methods of payment also outlined in writing to minimize misunderstandings. Establish clear objectives and write out a formal job description outlining the responsibilities of the caregiver.

Last Modified April 27, 2009 @ 11:34 pm
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