Guide To Interviewing Caregivers – What to Ask and How to Interview Caregivers

When interviewing a personal care attendant it is important to ask behavioral interview questions that will give you some insight into the tendencies and temperament of a potential caregiver. You obviously want someone who is calm under pressure, detail oriented, and honest, so ask them questions that are prone to flesh out these qualities.

-Ask the caregiver if they have ever been in difficult situations and how they dealt with these situations.
-Ask them about a time in their career where they have had to improvise or had to make a judgement call that may have bent the rules. It is good practice to use many behavioral interview questions because most often, these are the questions that will give you the most information regarding the tendencies of the caregivers.

You can also ask standard questions like what are you strengths/weaknesses, what you like most/least about caregiving, and experience in the past with trach/vent if needed. Other vital questions include:

-Are you a legal resident?
-Criminal Record?
-Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past?
-May I do a criminal background check on you?

It is very important to conduct a comprehensive screening process. During the interview, allow the caregiver to ask questions of their own. Make sure that the caregiver is clear on what you expect their role to be. Make sure things like bowel care, trach/vent care, and personal hygiene are presented clearly during the interview. You do not want to leave anything left unsaid in terms of expectations between the caregiver and patient. Also, expect many caregivers to withdraw from the position after hearing about your expectations. It is better that both parties involved are transparent in terms of expectations than to find out a month after training the caregiver that they did not fit your needs.

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