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It’s not that easy to measure the average cost of health insurance to a precise amount. In 2008, the mean cost of insurance from an employer was 4700 dollars per annum for an individual, and for a family of four, it was 17700 dollars per annum, Kaiser Reports showed.Usually it is agreed that the cover purchased the customer without either administration aid or through an employer’s collection health plan would cost much more. People who live in California who use COBRA would spend 380 dollars per month on premiums, and through subsidization, this could be offset somewhat.

The US survey government department says that at least 84 percent of the population has well being care and only a small 9 percent among them obtain it in confidence. The remaining percentage receives cover through either a company provided plan, or from side to side some form of subsidize administration program. You would be surprised to know that an outstanding 16 percent of the land is uninsured. So you would get a good idea of how much health insurance costs.

For the average user, an autonomous single indemnity plan would probably cost greater than the 4700 dollars conventional for employer-provided health care in the Kaiser study. So one can conclude that privately obtained plans would cost just as much, and more with the charge rising with an increase in age, and the possibility of other health complications. So when you are examining health plans, you could use the baseline of the mean expenses of plans provided by employers, as a suitable starting point.

It is important to understand the tenuous situation of the health care system of today, and it is really quite hard, indeed impossible, to predict what kind of insurance would cost what, over any given time period.

It is always the best option possible to avail your health care from your employer if provided, from government sponsored health care if and when you become eligible, and from low-priced COBRA like plans as makeshift, if you are unable to afford other insurance. These apart, you could also use the facilities at hospitals and clinics if you cannot find possible ways to meet your healthcare expenses and needs otherwise.

The truth is that today health insurance is unfortunately not affordable for many Americans. However, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed on 23rdMarch 2010, says that all Americans will get access to health insurance coverage, and those who coverage need can get health insurance. It is estimated, however, that the costs will be rising higher in the near future, and one can only wonder how this law will impact health insurance costs, especially out-of-pocket expenses and premiums.

However, it’s a good idea to follow your instinct and not trust blindly in recommendations. You need to take into account factors like the fluid state of the lawful issue of the American health care system, the state of wealth, and the increasing costs of health care.

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