Caregivers! How Can a Medical Alert Necklace Can Bring You More Independence?

Luckily, there are medical alert systems that will give you greater peace of mind when you are away from your loved one. A medical alert system works using two pieces of equipment; the first a medical alert necklace, pendant, or bracelet and second a monitoring console that looks like a call box. On the piece of medical alert jewelry there is an alert button that relays to the monitoring console. The monitoring console immediately contacts a care specialist. The care specialist, in turn responds to your call and communicates with you through the monitoring console. The care specialist is responsible for calling 911, contacting your emergency contacts, or simply opening the gate in a gated community for medical personnel.

These systems are an essential tool if you do plan to go the home healthcare route. It gives you extraordinary peace of mind knowing that your family member will be safe in times of emergency.

There are a few things to look for when selecting a medical alert system.

1.) 30-day money back guarantee

2.) Trained in house care specialists

3.) UL Listing

1.) First, make sure that the company has a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. This can be your trial period. I recommend that you try more than one system to make sure the response time, customer service, and equipment is up to your standards.

2.) Secondly, make sure that the company trains their phone operators in house. They should employ their own phone operators and not outsource it. This ensures that the company reviews each call and that the phone operators are properly trained to respond in emergency situations.

3.) Last, make sure the company is listed on the Underwriter’s Laboratory(UL). The UL is the recognized standard in monitoring centers. Being listed in the UL means that the company has met the high communications standards of the UL.

Finding a quality medical alert system is a critical part of safety in home health care. There are so many medical alert systems out there. How can you find the best medical alert system?

Last Modified April 27, 2009 @ 11:26 pm
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