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Being a caregiver in assisted living home is a hefty responsibility. There are a slew of different responsibilities that are assigned. Typically there are several different types of care giver duties in an assisted living facility. The caregiver duties can range from the most mundane chores to the most important. Each duty is specific to making sure that the residents are safe and in a good healthy environment.

Cleaning, Cooking and Conversation

Some caregivers at some assisted living homes might be required to dispense medication and monitor the use. There is usually a load of paperwork that has to be kept as part of the residents’ care plan. It is very important for the caregiver to keep accurate records. These records can point to any problems that the resident is having with their medication and can be given to the medical provider as a means of tracking any issues. Typically a care giver will have some sort of knowledge and training in medications and what side effects to look for. Generally, those who are authorized to dispense medication in an assisted living facility will have a minimum education of licensed practical nurse or LPN, although in some states, a registered nurse or RN will be the only one who can be assigned to medication dispensing. A certified nurse’s aide, or CNA, in some states can seek out further education in order to have the authority to handle medication. This requirement differs from state to state.

Personal Care

There are some caregivers that are tasked with providing personal care assistance. This is one of the most important things for many residents and can really help improve their quality of life. Personal care duties may include bathing, general hygiene care, and dressing. Residents are always encouraged to maintain their own personal hygiene for as long as possible, so not all residents will require assistance with personal care. In most cases a care giver in the assisted living homes will wear more than one hat. They will have many different duties.

To say that any one person is responsible to only cook or clean is definitely an understatement. Interacting with the residents is the primary function of any caregiver that works in an assisted living home.

Getting to know the residents is an important duty. Knowing someone is fundamental to their well being. Knowing someone by getting to know them through conversation is one of the most important ways to insure someone’s well-being. Many times, if a person is not well, the first people to recognize this will be the people that interact with them every day. An employee in an assisted living home is probably most in tune with the resident’s health, simply because subtle changes in personality can be picked up on. There may be some cooking and cleaning duties that are assigned but one of the most important duties whether or not assigned for any care giver is to converse with the residents and get to know them.


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