If you are having troubling coordinating care for your elderly family member, one option may be to enlist the help of an experienced geriatric care manager. Geriatric care managers are usually people with backgrounds in nursing, social work, and gerontology who have a firm grasp on the financial, medical, and legal problems that people regularly encounter when planning eldercare. Most importantly, a geriatric care manager is able to identify the best situation for your family member with due consideration to safety and independence.

They are knowledgeable in public policy and benefits, being able to guide you through the financial aspects of long term care. A good geriatric care manager will also be able to identify additional financial supplements such as VA benefits, entitlements, and publicly funded program that can save you money. Most people think that Medicare pays for long term care, but the truth is that Medicare pays for very little long term care and is not suitable for many people who only need assistance with activities of daily living.

Collaboration between family members is a key element in planning out long term care. This is where a geriatric care manager can play a crucial role in being a mediator or facilitator. If a family meeting is required, the geriatric care manager will be there to answer questions regarding finances, types of care, entitlements, and offer recommendations as they see fit. With the advent of teleconferencing technology, many family members now choose to hold meetings virtually from their own homes using programs such as Skype or Gotomeeting.

For family members who find themselves becoming long distance caregivers, geriatric care managers can serve a crucial role in coordinating care. Most geriatric care managers charge a fee for the intial consultation and an ongoing hourly rate, so be wise to ask them about their pricing.


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