With the increase in average life spans, more and more people are discovering that living longer does not always mean living better. While more years in your life can mean more retirement years spent doing the things you love most, it can also mean in increased risk for illness or injury, and in increased need to medical treatment that goes beyond the normal doctor visits.
That is long term care. An illness or injury in your later years can of course lead to lots of visits to doctors and even to hospital stays of varying durations. Medical insurance takes care of most, if not all, of those needs. Long term care insurance provides assistance when the normal things you do every day, like taking a bath, or feeding yourself, or getting dressed, become too difficult to do on your own.
And unlike some insurance coverage that only pays when you receive treatments in specific places, like a hospital, long term care insurance provides the help you need whether you’re in a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or your private home. A long term care or chronic disability doesn’t have to take away your dignity or your financial resources if you’re properly protected with long term care insurance.
Though most users of long term care are older, many are much younger. After all, an accident or illness can occur at any point in a person’s life, so it makes sense to protect yourself regardless of your current age or health status. Not sure what you or a loved one would do in the need for long term care arose? Please call (866) 972-3262 to speak with an experience long term care specialist to learn more about long term care and to find the best & most affordable long term care quote and rate or complete the Long Term Care Insurance Quote now.

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