Baby boomers are expressing they want to stay in their home as they age.They do not want move out of their community.
Baby boomers are a unique aging group. They are different from previous generations in that they plan on living longer, active and healthier lives. Baby boomers plan to live comfortably, and age in surroundings that are familiar.

Here are the ten top reasons why staying in your home as you age makes sense:

1. Staying in your home permits you freedom to use your time as you wish. Baby boomers expect to carry out their daily routines, as they wish.

Boomers do not want to be restricted or have time restraints. Aging at home allows the aging baby boomer to maintain control over their senior years.

2. Boomers want to receive care on their terms and in the way they prefer it to be delivered.

Staying in your home as you age is safer. Baby boomers expectations is changing those industries catering to the needs of the boomer generation.

3. Boomers have made health and safety a priority. Universal Design had been developed to assist those that want to age at home make modifications to the home that are both appealing and useful.

Staying in your home as you age promotes healing. Baby boomers prefer quality of life and the comforts of home. As the physical body or health declines, being in safe, familiar surroundings promotes successful aging.

4. The mind, as well as the spirit, promotes healing. Many will agree that there is no place like home.

Staying in your home as you age gives the baby boomer some control over their lives. Boomers expect options and want to be direct their own care.

5. By being proactive and exploring all their options, the baby boomer will be able to choose the services and products that will be specifically suited to their needs.

Home health care permits the baby boomer to have more control over the care they receive.

6. Staying in your home as you age allows for an individualized approach to care. There may come a time when the baby boomer will need help at home.

Home health care permits the care to be personalized specifically to the needs of each person. Special care, individualized attention and one on one interaction promotes an increase in self esteem and allows for socialization.

7. Staying in your home as your age is comfortable. Staying in familiar surroundings, being in the comfort of your own home is the level of quality baby boomers have come to expect. This is also the level of quality of care that a family member would want for an aging loved one.

Staying in your home as you age contributes to a happier and healthier life. As we age, change becomes more difficult. A change in surroundings can cause confusion in an aging adult.

8. Daily routines, in a familiar surroundings is both comforting and promotes a sense of well being to the aging adult. Baby boomers are all about quality of life.

Staying in your home allows you to remain in your own community. Every community gains from those that choose to stay in their homes as they age.

9. As a boomers health status permits, baby boomers will be mentors in the community. Baby boomers are concerned and active in their communities. They show their support by volunteering, purchasing locally and contributing to causes that are dear to them.

Communities benefit by having positive role models for the next generation to emulate.

10. Staying in your home is promoted by advanced technology. Baby boomers are open to advanced technologies that promote health, wellness and safety to remain in their homes.

Baby boomers have demanded advancements in technology and new products are being developed daily to promote successfully aging at home.

Staying at home as you age decreases the fear of loss of independence. Baby boomers fear entering into a nursing home and the loss of their independence more than they fear death.

Baby Boomers that have aging parents also have the same fear for their own aging parents. Boomers are concerned about their mental, emotional and physical well being should they have to be admitted to a nursing home.

Are you one of the baby boomers that wants to stay in their home as they age? Planning ahead can save you time, money and unnecessary stress on your family or loved ones. Planning ahead allows you to be a knowledgeable consumer and be familiar with all your options when the time comes.

Being proactive also will decrease stress for you and your family members when difficult health care decision need to be made.

Diane Carbo is a Registered Nurse Please visit http://www.aginghomehealthcare.com/aging-baby-boomers.html to assist others age in familiar surroundings and avoid the emotional and frustrating task of maneuvering the medical delivery system.

Diane Carbo

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